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Being able to locate your vehicle in real-time is just the beginning of the benefits of using a tracker.

Why Use a Tracking Device

Transform the way you manage your business with the GPS Tracking device.

In addition to being able to track and monitor your vehicle, receive history reports, get alerts on driver behavior and replay vehicle activity. These are just a few of the benefits of using the Driverwatcher vehicle trackers.

Say goodbye to your drivers sitting in traffic, making a wrong turn or going off route for personal reasons. Manage, track and monitor both staff and vehicles.

Time is money and it affects your bottom line. Be smart. Be in control. Receive endless benefits from the features available by using the Driverwatcher tracking device.


Best Selling GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers


Driverwatcher Blue

Our newest GPS tracker product

Small and easy to install

Full GPS Tracking Features

Email and or SMS Alerts

Send Commands


Trucker Driverwatcher

Water Resistant, Compact Size

Integrated GPS & GSM antenna

Real time tracking by SMS/GPSRS

Email and or SMS Alerts

DC 9V~36V/1.5A Input Voltage


Taxi Driverwatcher

DC 9V~36V/1.5A Input Voltage

Internal Data logger for blind areas

Backup builtin rechargeable battery

Anti temper, Power cut off alert

Email and or SMS Alerts


Plug & Play Driverwatcher

Easy plug & play installation

Design for vehicles with OBD port

Real time tracking by SMS/GPSRS

Engine Cut Off

Email and or SMS Alerts


Personal Driverwatcher

Small size, easy carried and hidden

No installation, necklace/pocket

Real time GPS locating/tracking

Quick dial, Mobile phone

Email and or SMS Alerts


High Security Driverwatcher

Acceleration and Braking alert

Anti-robbery SOS call help button

Fuel monitoring and management

Accident alert sensors

Email and or SMS Alerts


Mini Driverwatcher

Engine Cut Off

Waterproof mini match-box size

Built in burglar alarm systems

Arm and disarm alarm with mobile

Email and or SMS Alerts


Limiter Driverwatcher

Accurately Set any speed Limits

All standard GPS features included

Vehicle Black Box features

Fuel Monitoring and wiretapping

Email and or SMS Alerts

What Our System Does?

Built in Smart Security

Vehicle automatically arms when you leave.
Vehicle automatically disarms when you return.
Notifications will be sent directly to your phone if vehicle is tampered with.
Shut down engine remotely if your vehicle is stolen.

Free Tracking Platform

Get current Location, Status, Mileage, Speed and Alarms.
Replay previous routes and compare information.
Get alerts when vehicle is on the move or idle for long periods.


Audio and Video

View live footage from your vehicle.
Take snap shot pictures of routes.
Review recorded footage from on board DVR Tracker.
Listen and record live audio from vehicle.

Personal Trackers

Small, built in antennas are easy to conceal.
No installation, carry as a necklace/pocket style.
SOS panic button, quick dial call button, doubles as a mobile phone.
If unit goes out of the preset area, alerts will be sent to your mobile phone.