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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, the unit is small enough that it easily be installed where drivers will not detect its presence. However, we usually recommend that owners advise their staff of its presence because we believe that it could be an excellent tool for motivating employees. There may be some cases where it still be necessary for you to conceal the unit in your vehicle. In such cases, you may need to review your local laws for guidance
Our customers believe that our system is very easy to use. It was developed with the user in mind and we will upgrade if necessary and based on feedback from our customers. Our customer service team is available to help if you need any assistance.
Refresh the webpage and login again. You may also click the refresh map and see if that addresses the problem. This type of problem is more common with users of wireless networks than with wired connections. If the problem still exists contact us by Whatsapp or by email.
Always make sure that your batteries are fully powered. Also, the location will only show when you start the vehicle. So take it for a drive and it should start to track.
Yes. You can as long as it is connected to the internet. The faster the connection speed, the better our software will run.